About Us


Good Shepherd Higher Secondary school, Jongksha, established in the year 1972, is an English Medium, minority educational institution owned by the Archdiocese of Shillong and run by the Congregation of Holy Cross in collaboration with the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany. This school is primarily meant for Catholics.  It also admits other children irrespective of Caste or Creed. 




1. To provide education, geared to the promotion, advancement and sharing of knowledge for the development of Catholics in particular and others to the extent possible.

2. To train children, youth and adults to become good citizens of India, imbibed with zeal and the spirit of service proclaimed by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

3. To develop integrity and moral stamina and unselfish idealism in the students through teaching and other activities of the school.


Mission Statement  of Good Shepherd School


Good Shepherd Higher Secondary School provides a holistic education for our young, entrusted to our care, from diverse cultures, ethnicity, faiths and economic background. Learning is contextualized and rooted in a globalized worldview. Programs are designed to nurture the intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimension, to deepen their commitment as a socially responsible citizen. In our struggle to excellence and leadership we blend gentleness with insistence, prudence with attentiveness and smart work with kindness. We draw our inspiration from Jesus Christ who is our Good Shepherd.